Dual Universe releases 0.23 beta patch as players lament grind and invalid keys

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Dual Universe studio Novaquark patched up the beta this week, adding a range of quality-of-life and economy fixes with its 0.23 release. Most notably and as promised by the company’s earlier dev blog, the patch notes include ship canopies, internal schematic banks for industry units, better map drill-downs, graphical improvements, changes to buy orders, tweaks to element restoration, new talent requirements, DRM protection for blueprints, tutorial teleports… it’s a lot, and it’s pretty granular and isn’t going to make sense for people not already in the beta, I suspect.

As for those people, well, the sentiment on Reddit right now is what I would charitably call disgruntled. Memes abound, with the majority of legitimate complaints centering on the perception that grind in the game is spiking sharply upward. Hopefully Novaquark is taking the feedback and putting it to good use.

And hey, if you’re grumpy about the new grind, just be thankful you’ve still got access to your account. One of our own dear readers, who’d been gifted an account from yet another upstanding reader, was recently informed that his account will be deleted because of what Novaquark characterized as a “system error” that apparently generated invalid keys. It kinda looks to us as if Novaquark meant to issue keys with limited time on them and instead issued pre-beta keys that grandfathered the user into permanent free beta access, and it’s now “fixing” its error. If you got one of these mails, you’ll have to sub to retain access. A quick search of the DU Discord shows multiple people upset over this situation, so if you’re someone affected, you might want to send them a note to request that someone re-examine your account and its provenance.

Here’s the original Discord notice from last week, from after Novaquark had booted and then reinstated all those accounts, delaying action until next week. Either way, don’t click links in any emails you get, but do check up on your accounts.

Source: Patch notes. Cheers, Cervator!

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If you upgraded from the lower Alpha access level to the higher you got to many extra keys I had 8 at one point. (instead of 4). After a couple of days I got back (as in playable) the 5 I had given out, so those people could play.


So, the DU studio made a mistake with keys and gave some players too much time? Then decided to yoink those keys away with no notice (or, best case, a week notice after the un-yoinking)? Is there a PR person at this studio?

Also, these keys…is there any documentation on what kind of access they were meant to give and for how long? Because if nothing was set down on it, can’t this land in some legal issues?


In my case I paid for a gold pack just after the kickstarter. This came with three beta invites for friends, which I hung on to until Hikari and others expressed interest in playing.

This was at the same time they were changing the beta invite system to their subscription model recruitment ‘incentive’, and my old full beta invites threw an error.

They did a quick fix after a ticket, and my three invites were claimed and we spent several weeks mining and building up a respectable factory and stock, only to have them yoink the beta invites.

It seems something of a standard to offer out beta keys for the $100 pre-release backers. Firefall did it. Landmark did it. Dual Universe is the first one to to yank those beta invites.

I’m not claiming it’s fraud, but it’s certainly a deal-breaker for this hobo. Plus the pointless blueprint changes have left us unable to finish our ship. Not the best experience.