Check out Star Citizen’s new crow-shaped spaceships arriving in update 3.12


In Star Citizen’s penultimate episode of its weekly video series, fans of the developing title are getting a close look at some (literally) shiny new ships and a host of other features in the works for update 3.12 and beyond.

Leading the episode is a close look at the Talon and Talon Shrike, two light fighters that value agility over raw firepower and durability. Both ships are similar in terms of style, though the Talon has better guns than missiles and the Talon Shrike has better missiles than guns, granting players a couple of options in ways to blow others up and look like a shiny irridescent space bird while doing so. Players will get to take these new mechanical corvids out for a spin once update 3.12 arrives.

The second half of the video is another sprint report, which granted a look at whitebox work for homesteads and the Aegis Redeemer’s interior; component access panels for the Aegis Gladius; a variety of planetary visual updates including more planet rendering refinement, moving grass, and buoyancy for objects in oceans; new visuals to indicate when spaceship shields are taking increasing damage; and several new FPS weapons including a new light machine gun, sniper rifle, and a crossbow known as the Shroud of the Avatar, which the MMORPG of the same name nodded to in a tweet.

sources: YouTube, Twitter

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