Monster Hunter Rise shows off a new area, new beasts, and returning foes in a trailer


The upcoming multiplayer RPG Monster Hunter Rise was present at last night’s Game Awards, joining in on the cavalcade of trailer premieres. The game’s latest video offered fans a lot of action and some pretty music to go along with it.

In the video, players get a look at two new beasties: Bishaten, which uses its tail to attack as well as fires persimmons it stores in its gut; and Somnacanth, an aquatic leviathan that uses sleep powder to temporarily stun opponents. The video also confirms the return of the Royal Ludroth and the Great Wroggi from Monster Hunter 3, along with a brief look at a Rampage event, the new Flooded Forest area, and a few quick views of some of the series’ classic weapons in action. Also, there are a couple of Felynes making mochi.

It’s a whole lot of sizzle reel, but this one at least features actual active gameplay, and it can be seen embedded below. And if this peek at the game has whet your appetite, then you can look forward to a limited-time free demo that will arrive to Nintendo Switch in January 2021. Details on when the demo will go live are soon to come.

source: press release
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