Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida pens heartfelt goodbye to the late Dad of Light blogger

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Remember the Dad of Light TV drama that debuted on Netflix a few years ago? It told the story of Akio and his father Hakutaro and how they used the vehicle of playing Final Fantasy XIV as a means of connecting with one another after a distant relationship, though Akio disguises his true identity initially. For those who might not be familiar, that story is based on real events, chronicled in a blog penned by FFXIV fan Maidy.

We bring this up because Maidy had recently passed away as a result of cancer, a fight that he had been waging since his diagnosis in November 2018. Over the course of the Dad of Light project and beyond the miniseries’ release, both Maidy and FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida became good friends, connecting over both the game and their shared love of Gundam. Yoshida even gifted Maidy a Nu Gundam model kit, a model that Maidy never got to build.

It was that friendship that prompted Yoshida to write a heart-wrenching and honest blog about Maidy and their relationship.

“When it was decided that ‘Dad of Light’ was going to be adapted, we made a promise to each other. He would continue to enjoy FFXIV as a player, and I would continue to create content for it, as a developer. But outside of work, we’re just comrades who both love online games and Gundam.

“Once time passes, I’m sure there will be a day when I can see him again. When that happens, I’m sure he’ll find me with a sprout on my head, not knowing my right from my left, and reach his hand out to me with allies he found on the other side, saying: ‘Oh, you must be a newcomer! It’s okay, it’s lots of fun over on this side, too. Let’s go adventuring together!’ And in that hand, will be the Nu Gundam. I sincerely believe that.

“Rest in peace, Maidy. You did really well. I’ll see you again.”

We wish to extend our deepest condolences to Yoshida and the rest of Maidy’s family and friends for their loss.

source: official site (1, 2), with thanks to Danny.

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Michael Fuchs

This is really sad. I remember watching the adaptation of his story and being moved to tears. Hopefully he’s in a better place that’s less painful now.

Kickstarter Donor

I read this last night and it brought me to tears at that last part. Yoshi-P is really one of the best figures in the MMO sphere now, and to see him open up like this and publicly address Maidy after his passing (whose story affected a lot of XIV players who watched Dad of Light) means a lot to me personally.

Rest in piece.

Kickstarter Donor

Rest in peace, that is.

Noticed that typo a bit too late… oof.