Conan Exiles confirms that ongoing Xbox One issues won’t be fixed until sometime next year


Who knew that the greatest threat Hyboria would ever know was some gnarly bugs in a console version of Conan Exiles? Certainly not Funcom, which has been fighting mightily against Xbox One issues over the past couple of months. Scott Junior has once again checked in with another update, and the news isn’t exactly glowing.

“When we first started this process, I was hopeful we could have everything wrapped up before the end of the year. Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to hit that target. We will continue to work over the next few weeks, take a break for the winter holidays, and start again in early January. We have made progress the past few months and we have several fixes in testing now, but we are not ready to release anything yet.”

It’s not all lost hope, however: A recent patch for the Xbox One and Xbox One S versions of the game includes some additional logging features for crash reports, collecting data like building pieces that were in memory, the number of nearby thralls, and which assets were loaded when a crash happens. The intention is to narrow down causes of the Out of Memory crashes that are still occurring. So no, things aren’t fixed yet, and won’t be for a while, but the devs will push on.


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I think we can safely say that console games are no longer the bastion of quality that they once were.

How companies can get away with releasing such broken and bugged console games (looking at YOU 2077!) I have no idea.

If I were Sony or Microsoft I would certainly have some sort of penalty in place for having this sort of nonsense going on.

I mean, come on. These are closed systems, not gnarly open PC systems.


Poor consoles.