EVE Online details Winter Nexus events, new Tech 2 Drones as players bash the new character gen


It’s not revelatory, it’s not always something new, but for EVE Online players that have somehow missed out on hearing everything that’s been added to the internet spaceship sandbox, the latest EVE Pulse video digest is out to summarize the most recent happenings in the game’s galaxy.

In this episode, we get a rundown of the variety of festive happenings as part of the Winter Nexus, another pat on the back for the game’s localization to Japanese as well as a nod to related store items, word of a free ship SKIN bundle whenever merch is bought until December 17th, and the announcement of new Tech 2 Salvage Drones including the Dunk faction variant; players will have to obtain the new Salvage Drone Specialization skill book and train it in order to use these new Drones.

In other EVE news, CCP put out a super detailed recap of the record-setting Fury at FWST-8 battle, and apparently the game just got a new character-generation screen that the community’s not pleased about.

source: YouTube

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Wilhelm Arcturus

That character creation change… for new accounts only… is a pretty clearly an attempt to streamline the way too complicated new character creation process. You can change up your character with the full editor in any NPC station in the game after you’ve gotten in, but I suspect that the myriad of options for creating what is essentially a portrait in game is being viewed as a blocker for people new to the game.