Blade & Soul offers special Blade Dancer bundles and its Christmas event with tomorrow’s Grim Tidings patch

allors en danse

The next patch forĀ Blade & Soul adds a third specialization for Blade Dancer, and if you’re enticed by the prospect of the Grim Blade option or just want to jump on the bandwagon partway the game has you covered. Two new bundles are available for new Blade Dancer characters, offering a variety of starting kit for a character and costing a whopping 0 coins. However, these bundles can only be claimed once per account, so make sure you’re on the right character before you claim them.

Players can also participate in the game’s Christmas event when the patch goes live on December 16th, collecting both snow globes and giving keys by completing daily challenges and dungeon quests respectively. These allow you to collect bundles of items, with Frozen Gift Boxes you trade to other players earning you bigger rewards for your generosity. And there are more events coming along with the patch, to boot; get caught up ahead of tomorrow’s launch.


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