Rumor: Nexon’s Final Fantasy XI mobile remake has been cancelled


It looks as if the sun has finally set on the never-materialized mobile remake of Final Fantasy XI, as Korean site MTN is reporting that the project has been cancelled. The reasons cited are the usual ones, with development not progressing smoothly and difficulties in adapting the game’s systems to work within a mobile environment. Employees will supposedly be redirected to other projects within Nexon’s various departments, so no one will lose their jobs over it.

This probably comes as no real surprise given the fact that the project had long languished with minimal news at best, not to mention the obvious difficulties in making the game feel like itself despite being a very grind-heavy experience that was optimized for PC and console play. Still, if you had been hoping for the remake to turn out well… maybe it’s time to let go of those hopes at long last. It appears to be gone.

Source: MTN via Reddit
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