Spellbreak’s Spellstorm update goes live as its executive producer talks matchmaking changes


Today is the day where the battle royale shooter Spellbreak expands its horizons. The Spellstorm update is officially live, introducing several touted features including narrative missions, a new region, and the game’s launch on Steam.

A number of these updates were discussed in a letter from executive producer Cardell Kerr, who asks players of the game to welcome new Steam arrivals, points to Chapter One’s story beats as part of the game’s “RPG portion of our BR RPG goal,” and talks up the visual flair of the new Deadmoss area.

Kerr closes with some words about matchmaking adjustments that are in the works, including matchmaking kicking off before loading into the game, with an eye toward matching players of equal skill together. Additionally, latency will be prioritized so those that play during off-peak hours can find you a match in a region that is more active but is not extremely high ping. These adjustments are due to arrive at some point later in the week.

sources: press release, official site
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