Here’s how to get ridiculously festive ship skins in Elite Dangerous tomorrow


Have you ever wanted your Elite: Dangerous spaceship to look like a literal flying present? Then you’ll get your extremely specific wish granted by watching a livestream this coming Thursday, December 17th. Provided you’re okay with waking up early in the morning, anyway.

The festive skins on display are part of the game’s Twitch Drops, offering up unique holiday skins, purple paint jobs, and purple laser and engine contrail cosmetics for watching the stream up to 90 minutes. If that wasn’t inspiration enough to tune in, the livestream will also feature developer Garath Hughes to field player questions and further talk about combat in the upcoming Odyssey expansion.

The steam also promises there will be other things as well, as the broadcast will also mark Elite’s sixth anniversary. All in all, there seems to be a number of reasons for fans to tune in, but be forewarned that the broadcast will be at 7:00 a.m. EST (4 a.m. PST). If that’s not an issue, then feel free to tune in and get your snowflake spaceships.

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