Project Gorgon patches in winter festivities plus Deer and Ice Magic revamps

Gonna go fight a boss.

Project Gorgon doesn’t technically have Christmas – but it does have Ri-Shin Day and New Year’s Day, which means it’s party season over in Elder Game’s MMO.

“Townsfolk who are your Friends will offer you gifts when you speak with them. (Make sure to have your favorite combat skills active in case they give you a piece of randomly-generated gear!) There’s also a Ri-Shin festival waiting to happen in each city and township in the land, but they will need your help getting their trees assembled. Look for townsfolk in festive red Ri-Shin hats to get started. This year, there’s also a new way for the community to work together. This is an experiment — we’ve never tried anything like this before. You’ll receive an introductory quest for this part of the event after you’ve assembled a few Ri-Shin trees. (If you’re a Druid, you’ll be briefed immediately upon login.)”

Even if you’re not into the events, you should still take a dip into the patch notes, as the studio is changing a bunch of other things too, including revamping high-level combat to take a bit more time to actually do, which necessitates buffs to elite boss health and armor, though you’ll also see reductions to their damage and better loot too. Ice Magic is also getting some rebalancing – both buffs and nerfs – and the Deer form has reverted back to being more of an off-tank type of line.

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