Torchlight III’s Snow & Steam update is live with updates for Forged and Forts


Torchlight III is emulating the blizzard smacking the Northeast US right now by dumping winter all over the gameworld too. Today’s Snow & Steam update has rolled out to PC and all three consoles, marking the biggest update the game’s seen since launch. There are new arctic-themed weapons, new high-level armor, an overhaul for the Forged class (supposed to make it “more viable”), and major Fort updates, including the new style station with transmog and dye options. New pets abound too:

“With the update, a new, limited-time Snow & Steam Contract has been added that gives players the chance to spend the holidays with two new furry companions — the Frost Owl and the Ugly Sweater Cat. Players that make progress for this contract can earn additional content, including snow-based fort decorations plus an assortment of rewards. This time-limited contract will only be available during the holiday season, but the items unlocked will be permanently available to players who obtain them during that time. In addition, players can also find two new pets, an adorable Reindeer and the Jolly Ferret, and a special winter holiday-themed variant of the well-beloved Retriever pet across the frontier and in dungeons.”


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