Albion Online celebrates the season with the return of Uncle Frost

He'll glass you.

It’s time for the Yule season in Albion Online, and that means the return of Uncle Frost. Rather than being a more paternal figure, Uncle Frost is more like your uncle who gets a bit slanted on Christmas and winds up starting a brawl; he’s got a chance to appear in dungeons dropping a variety of valuable Yule-themed items, including a potential stag skin for your mount. Of course, there are also free fireworks and snowballs for those of you who would prefer to have a celebration without beating the snot out of a spirit in a festive red cap for whatever reason.

The staff have also celebrated a little bit behind the scenes with a new year-end video celebrating all of the things the game has accomplished this year. Seriously, there’s a lot. And there’s more planned for next year, too, including a faction warfare rework, improvements to hellgates, a proper loadout system, and improvements to the overall visual quality of the world. Check the video out just below before getting in a proper holiday brawl, why don’t you?

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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