Grim and glad tidings spread across Blade and Soul


Do you like your holiday season dour or delightful? If you venture into Blade and Soul this week, you can have both!

This week’s Grim Tidings update is named after the addition of a new Blade Dancer specialization, the Way of the Grim Blade. “The new specialization takes managing effects and skill timing and combines it with summoning a Grimreaver to boost the Blade Dancer’s damage to supernatural amounts,” NCsoft explained. There’s also the House of Idols heroic dungeon and the Ebon Realm hunting zone to keep people busy.

If that’s not enough, the Season of Giving event is raging from now through January 13th. Players will complete daily challenges to earn snow globes, which can then be exchanged for gift boxes with “precious upgrade materials.” The twist on the holiday event is that players who elect to gift these items earn extra rewards based on how much they send to others.

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