Warframe shows off Lavos, a new co-op event, and a first look at content updates arriving in 2021


It’s the final devstream of the year for Warframe, and as is often the case with livestreams from this game, there is plenty to talk about, with a look at coming attractions for the game’s next update and beyond.

The stream offered a full look at the next ‘Frame, Lavos, which ran alongside a premiere of his profile video. According to that video’s blurb, Lavos will be able to adjust his elemental resistances and require players to manage a cooldown-based kit “to transmute even the most desperate battles into resounding victories.” There was also a look ahead to Operation Orphix Venom, a 1-4 player event that will see players hopping into Necramechs and only Necramechs.

The broadcast further talked up the Tennobaum holiday charity event, which is currently live on all platforms, as well as a number of updates planned for the new year including a Corpus Railjack, Corpus Liches, the promised Command Intrinsic, and more in the New War update. You can check out the Lavos profile, the Operation Orphix Venom preview, and the complete livestream after the cut.

source: press release

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