World of Warcraft welcomes back Winter Veil, raises Canadian subscription rates


Ho ho holy moly, are we at the end of 2020 already? It must be, because World of Warcraft’s Feast of Winter Veil is here to wrap up the year with Christmas cheer and… sleigh rides?

That’s right, the popular festival now includes a magical sleigh ride over Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Blizzard also added a special hat that has the ability to transform the adorable Pepe into a holiday version of himself. Wowhead, as always, posted a comprehensive guide to the festival, which will conclude on January 2nd. Don’t forget to get your free presents on the 25th, of course!

In other WoW news, Blizzard announced that it is raising the cost of a Canadian subscription to $21.99 CAD a month. This comes not too long after Aussies had to eat a similar rate hike thanks to unfavorable currency conversion rates.

Source: World of Warcraft, Wowhead, Twitter

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Hmm well guess I have to decide soon whether it’s WoW or Netflix’s (Netflix is cheaper). I think price changes like these should not happen during a global pandemic when people are struggling.


…that or Bobby has found a new way to pad his wallet at my expense during the pandemic. /bleh


At this point, AFAIK, it’s only the straight 30 day game time – the actual sub is unchanged (for now anyways) Still, paying an equivalent of $17.25 American would somewhat stink – it’s not like we’re getting an additional $2+ in service ;P
No effect on me, I’ve been paying in gold since that was available.