ArcheAge’s December update adds new quests and housing areas as Trove’s Snowfest gets underway

Plus: The Gamigo-game-wide Reforestation Project is back

There’s a lot going on in Gamigo’s MMORPGs right now, so let’s dig in.¬†First, over in ArcheAge, the December Update may not have the most sparkling name, but it includes significant new content: new quests, the revamp for Stillwater Gulf, tweaks to Nehliya, boss changes, siege improvements, new ancestral skills, and even new housing areas, all buffered by the new Advanced ArchePass.

“The free and Unchained version of ArcheAge gets a new big update. A more powerful Rangora the Oathbound on Freedich Island and even deadlier Morpheus the Deathtrigger await brave heroes on Growlgate. The new Chronical questline, Eternal Oath, takes players on a journey through a tragic story about two lovers torn apart by the vicious sea goddess Dahuta and can be unlocked in the Chronicles UI.”

Meanwhile, over in Trove, Snowfest is on, inviting players to collect snowflakes and chill with Qubesly in the hubzone.

And finally, Gamigo has revived the Reforestation Project – that’s the charity program it ran this past spring alongside Eden Reforestation Projects, which literally plants trees in the real world. Players can pick up charity bundles in Trove, ArcheAge, RIFT, and the company’s other 15 MMOs, scope out the leaderboard, and cross their fingers that they win the raffle. Last time ’round, players helped plant 113,127 trees. Nice work, folks.


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