Skyforge’s newest holiday event explores the true meaning of winter


You might not think that a season of the year could have anything approaching a “true meaning,” but considering all the deific antics in Skyforge, we suspect there are probably a half-dozen gods who feel otherwise about winter. So you may as well explore the true meaning of the event running until January 7th, and that means… ice skating! Yes, there’s ice skating to do to earn icy gems, with special challenge times giving you even more icy gems as a reward.

Successfully skating your heart out an earning those gems lets you purchase both classic winter apparel as well as new outfits and wings. More rewards will also be added during the event, so don’t assume you’ve gotten everything early on. Players can also open gifts under the trees for 14 days in a more Christmas-themed celebration, so get in on all the celebratory antics for the next few weeks to explore the meaning of the season. (The meaning might just be “it’s cold,” to be fair. That’s a valid meaning.)


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