Phantasy Star Online 2 shows off new classes, locations, and details for New Genesis in a livestream


Earlier this morning, the devs of Phantasy Star Online 2 showcased gobs of new details for the upcoming sequel PSO2: New Genesis during a livestream. The broadcast offered up a look at the planet Halpha as well as a brief few words about the game’s story, though details of the plot won’t be revealed until the game launches. What we do know is that the story is set 1,000 years after the events of PSO2 and that the Halphanian people have been waging a decades-long war with a mysterious enemy force known as the DOLLS.

There was also a look at three new classes coming to the game — Fighter, Tecther, and Gunner — along with a look at their unique weapons. The stream further confirmed that sub-classes will be a thing in PSO2: NGS but this time players can equip their sub-class weapons and use both class’ weapon skills and Photon Arts on the same hotbar without having to switch palettes. MAGs are also getting an overhaul in NGS, acting more as a buddy that reacts to new facilities found in the open world and as a portable terminal in the story.

Speaking of the open world, there are new forms of traversal like wall jumping, swimming, and teleporting to locations via found Ryuker Devices. Players can also find Cocoons in the open world, which are instanced quests that can be activated solo or with a party, while Emergency Quests will randomly spawn in the open world as well. On top of that, Emergency Trials will also be making a return.

Finally, the broadcast offered up a close look at the wealth of new customization features, with a whole bunch of morphing sliders and color options for characters as well as four color channel choices for CAST parts.

For those who are eager to check out all of the details, there are a couple of handy recaps to scour, while the full broadcast as well as a new trailer are embedded below.

sources: YouTube, PSUBlog and Twitter via Reddit

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