Pathfinder Online celebrates the holiday season with the Pharasmin Sequences


No, the Pharasmin Sequences isn’t the name of some sort of non-euclidean mathematics meant to chart fantastical alternate universes; it’s the holiday event that launched this past Friday in Pathfinder Online, otherwise known as the MMORPG that Refuses to Die.

From now until maintenance on Monday, February 1st, players can take part in five or six Escalation drops that occur in five sequences in all 46 standard monster hexes to collect Rememberances. Every completed sequence will grant a wide variety of resources and goodies for active settlements, and even partially completed sequences will still offer a few settlement rewards. Because these rewards are shared with all active settlements, cooperation is encouraged to help clear the maximum number of sequences and maximize the rewards for everyone. In addition, players can turn in collected Blessings of Pharasma for Pharasmin Boons.

For those that don’t recall (and are confused by that refusal to die reference), Pathfinder Online was Kickstarted for over a million dollars back in 2012 but ran into development and staffing struggles that led to mass layoffs in 2015 and Paizo attempting to salvage the game and find new investors over several years. Fortunes have slowly turned around for the MMORPG, however, as it moved into what it calls “open enrollment” earlier this year, and the devs are continuing to move the game into the cloud.

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