RuneScape looks back at 2020 and ahead to 2021 as the game is in ‘a significant state of growth’


According to an address from Mod Warden, the past year in RuneScape has been a very good one indeed in spite of the real-world challenges that 2020 thought to throw in the way, culminating in what is called “a significant state of growth” for the MMORPG.

“This year, the number of daily players and active members has peaked at the highest levels we’ve seen in over five years. The member population is growing, thanks to a continual stream of returning players and brand new adventurers. And best of all, the new players that are joining RuneScape are sticking around more than ever and giving us great, positive feedback.”

After a look back at successes like the game’s Steam launch and a number of charity drives, Mod Warden looks ahead to 2021, noting Jagex’s plans to “substantially” grow the dev team in order to keep up its host of updates and extend the Elder God Wars content into a variety of ways to make it a dominant story through the year. The devs are also working on modernizing character avatars, launching RuneScape Mobile, and preparing for the game’s massive 20th anniversary celebration starting with a month-long event on January 4th.


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