Spellbreak breaks its matchmaking patch with a rollback


Apparently, that big matchmaking update that rolled into Spellbreak last week turned out to be kind of a disappointment all around. It was so bad, in fact, that the team has elected to rollback the servers rather than adjust and fix the system on the fly.

“Unfortunately, no matter what we tried, it wasn’t delivering a better experience for you or meeting the goals we outlined in our previous post,” the team posted. “Ultimately, it wasn’t flexible enough to match players up appropriately and that’s not acceptable.”

What does this mean? Spellbreak is simply going back to the old matchmaking system while the team goes back to the drawing board to look for ways to improve it. The team did leave the changes to bot behavior, as those were “working out reasonably well.”

While some players praised the team’s transparency on this issue, others were critical over the current high wait times for matches and the removal of crossplay between PC and console.

“I didn’t find anything wrong with it. Matchmaking was fast, and I felt it was balanced with players I came up against, fights were good. Now lobbies take a while and I get wrecked by level 50s within a minute,” one player said.

Source: Reddit
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