ArcheAge Unchained releases a never-expiring Advanced ArchePass


While this bit of information was already touched on as part of last week’s December update, it does bear pointing out individually that there is now, effectively, an ArchePass that has no expiration date in ArcheAge Unchained.

The so-called Advanced ArchePass has 40 levels of rewards, and unlike regular ArchePasses, this one does not expire, offering a supplemental track of goodies on top of the usual monthly and basic ArchePasses. And just like the usual monthly ArchePasses, the Advanced ArchePass has a free track and a premium track of extra rewards that can be unlocked at the cost of an upgrade ticket that costs 3,000 Credits.

For those who are actually interested in having another ArchePass lying on top of the existing ones, you can check the full list of rewards here. Incidentally, ArcheAge won the dubious distinction of our Worst Business Model Award.


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Are we at quardubal dipping here now ornis it even more than that?