Black Desert releases the new Nova class on all platforms today


The lovely and battle-ready lady up in that header image is my pre-created Nova, who has had nothing to do but sit in that grey background and wait for her call to action. That call is today as Black Desert has made the Nova playable on PC, console, and mobile with today’s update.

The new Nova class, which was first revealed at the Calphe:ON Ball, features a variety of skills that involve her blessed tower shield, an ice-powered morning star, and the summoning of her Thornwood guard to attack or defend.

The new class is playable on regular or season servers on PC, which have incidentally gotten a variety of updates like a PvP-centric seasonal server, while the Nova’s release has come with a variety of events unique to each individual platform. The latest patches to all of Black Desert have introduced updates and added other events as well, so it’s probably worth your time to head to your preferred platform’s website and read up on the details.

sources: press release, Black Desert PC site

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Looking forward to trying the Nova but if it looks like all the event stuff is tied to a season character which I find disappointing. I’ve no interest in seasonal servers but oh well. As long as I can roll a Nova on the main server I’m fine.


Not sure if you know, but the main difference with seasonal servers is an xp boost, they turn off pvp, and the gear is a little restricted. The seasonal characters can also play on regular servers, and when the season is over the character converts to normal. Aside from not being able to twink the character out from level one there’s not a lot of reason to not try the seasonal server

Space Captain

The best part is if you’ve played the game for a while you can gear the hell out of your season character from Level 1. Playing the main questlines on a character gets you gear that puts you at about 150ap and 200dp (Can’t remember the exact numbers) and season characters can wear it from the start. There’s four armour pieces and a complete set of accessories.

And a season character is the perfect way for a new player to get started in the game. You get silver thrown at you in the hundreds of millions and a tuvala armour will work on any character after the season is done and is pretty good if you get it enhanced high enough (With much easier enhancement).

It’s game you can’t rush though. It’s massive and complicated. I find it easier to work towards one or two goals at a time. The game can be very overwhelming.

Robert S.
Robert S.

Beautiful game. I’ve tried it several times, but never last long. While the world and game systems intrigue me, I find it extremely confusing with overwhelming menu and UI options. The NPCs and dialog is also just… weird. Can’t seem to make the connection that keeps pushing me to play/explore/figure things out.

Vanquesse V

The UI of BDO has never been great and the game has quite a few systems and concepts not found commonly in other games, so I don’t blame you for thinking it’s a bit much.