Blue Protocol continues to tease fans with a couple of brief combat clips

Plue Brotocol.

Hey there, Blue Protocol friends! Would you like some slightly compressed action combat videos? No? Well too bad because that’s what the game’s Japanese Twitter account is serving up: fuzzy, pixely goodness.

Visual complaints aside, the two preview videos in question do offer a good look at what auto-translate refers to as an Assault Attack and an Evasion Attack. The Assault Attack is, effectively, a ground smash attack for melee classes that has greater damage the longer a character falls, while the Evasion Attack is, as its name suggests, an attack that swiftly evades to an opponent’s side for follow-up strikes.

As of right now, Blue Protocol is still in closed testing in Japan, with no word yet on when it will make its way westward. The game’s Twitter account has been a source of monthly teases up to this point (when the devs aren’t hosting informational livestreams) while the official site hasn’t had any new postings since November at this time. Still, the Twitter videos below could perhaps satiate your curiosity, or you could feed your eyes with some CBT player footage.

source: Twitter (1, 2)

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