Defiance yanks away server compensation ‘due to abuse’

Cool guys don't look at explosions.

Be warned: The Grinch has been spotted skulking around Defiance this week.

Just days after Gamigo announced that it would be handing out compensation packages for recent server outages in Defiance through the end of the year, the company abruptly stopped said compensation, claiming that players were abusing the giveaway.

“This is a notice to inform you that server compensation for Defiance has been stopped due to abuse,” Gamigo said. “Please consider that we are all sitting on a tiny rock, floating in space. We’re all in this together and there is no place to obtain a competitive advantage over other players through prohibited actions and being inconsistent with the ‘spirit’ of the Defiance.”

So is the Grinch the company or the alleged exploiters? And what’s with Gamigo bad-mouthing our planet, there? We’ll leave that to you to decide, but in any case, the holiday season over at Defiance just got a bit less jolly.

Source: Defiance via MMO Bomb

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if it involves people creating 2nd accounts to take advantage of it, maybe they should let them. It will make the game look populated to the investors

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Wait! So breaking the rules is: “being inconsistent with the ‘spirit’ of the Defiance”?

I think someone needs to open a dictionary for once in their lives. Breaking the rules is very consistent with Defiance!

Let me translate their statement for you: “We here at Gamingo were so stupid that we created a system that was easily exploited. So, like people always do, you all exploited it. Now we’re really mad at ourselves for our lack of foresight, but we’re too egotistical to admit that we made a mistake, so now we’re taking it out on you all by throwing a childish temper tantrum.”

What a bunch of crybabies.


I wish they provided more details on exactly what the perceived abuse was. I don’t have my doubts that some players are trying to exploit the situation, but the studio should also have a first hand view into exactly who was impacted by the outages and to what extent..


Gamigo has really been stepping it’s game up to outdo Trion in scumfuckery. Just look at how poorly archeage unleashed was handled and now this. Makes me glad I chose to boycott all the games even before they were transferred over.


How is that even possible? They have computers. They know what characters existed at the time of the issues. They know what players existed at the time of the issues.

The only thing I can think of is that they were giving away comps to everyone in a blanket blast. So folks were making new characters to get the goodies. That’s not on the players. That’s on the company.

Don’t know for sure, of course. But that’s all I can come up with for speculation.