Dual Universe introduces the full rundown on its detailed blueprint DRM systems


One of the goals of the open creative structure in Dual Universe is to allow designers to sell their designs to other players. But how can you manage that in a game where there is open editing? How do you ensure that the designs being sold actually belong to the designer? Via DRM flags, naturally, which allow creators a fair amount of control over what subsequent people are allowed to edit and should helpfully ensure that your blueprints remain unique and not copied.

DRM flags are set by the creator of a blueprint and can be manually turned off if you’d prefer to let a blueprint roam free for editing, but they are also inherited (so your DRM-free blueprint cannot be slightly altered and then sold). You can get the full details on the official site, which will be useful to anyone planning a lucrative in-game career as a ship designer.


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Jon Wax

Yeah this is part of what turned Dreams into a mess. The credit system, the collab system, etc.
When you let the community have control over asset creation, you better be damn sure you have the controls in place because they will absolutely find a way to abuse any system you give em.

Giving more agency to gamers is great. But not simply for the sake of it.