Shroud of the Avatar previews the Well of Aldur adventure scene and several upcoming gameplay changes


It’s a little bit of Release 86 preview and a little bit of post-Release 85 planning in this week’s Shroud of the Avatar update post. Topping off the newsletter is a new adventure scene available to Episode 2 Access holders and coming with R86 called the Well of Aldur. Players can look forward to a new jumping puzzle, a boss fight with new mechanics, and some unique new loot for those that are successful in clearing the scene.

“High above the mountain peaks of Mistrendur floats the crumbling remains of a civilization whose origins are lost to time. Only the greatest adventurers will decipher the secrets, survive the threats, and discover the true nature of the Well of Aldur.”

Further down the newsletter are outlines for several game adjustments that are in the works like cost reductions for the New You Makeover and Magic Movers services, single-click targeting features, improvements to occlusion to reduce the number of vanishing objects, environmental effects such as cold, fire, lava, and lightning now being affected by a character’s resistances, and changes to several combo skills among other things. These updates are expected to either be part of Release 85 or will be patched shortly after.

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