Age of Water is an online post-apoc flooded world of custom ships, pirates, and exploration

aka Moist Crossout


Gaijin Entertainment, the publisher and developer of games like War Thunder and Crossout, has announced its first published title under the Gaijin inCubator label and developed by The Three Wales Studio: Age of Water, an online multiplayer world where the planet is completely flooded and people survive on boats or whatever skyscrapers or statues still rise above the ocean surface.

“Take control of a motorboat and travel between settlements, fighting pirates, excavating the remnants of a lost civilization from the depths of the ocean and transport valuable goods whilst discovering whether the mythical land still exists.”

Much like Crossout, players will be able to fully customize their motorboat with a variety of different structures, hulls, and weapons to suit their needs and playstyle. Players can complete quests either solo or with friends, fight enemy AI pirates, gather food and resources for trade, or even attack merchant ships themselves, all in an open and fully explorable world full of settlements and locations to discover.

Alpha for Age of Water is set to begin at some point soon. Those who are interested can sign up to be added to the draw, while a gameplay video can be seen below.

source: press release

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Paragon Lost

I can ride a smoker? *

*Water World reference


I’ve been wanting a good sea game but since this looks a long way off, I’ll check back in a few years.


As long as it’s not Open PVP, I’m interested.


Call back in two or three years, please.

And don’t use the Open World, Full Loot, PvP line. That line has been disconnected. Permanently.


Ha! In 2 or 3 years it won’t be a game, it will be a way of life.

Bruno Brito

“Age of Water”

Really? REALLY?

Age of Water? Can we please get better names for MMOs? I can’t deal with the “Ages of” and “Worlds of” and “RaiderZ” anymore


Ages of Water Worlds?

Bruno Brito

World of Water AgeZ

Kickstarter Donor

Waterworld MMO, is that you? Where is Kevin Costner at? LOL

But seriously, this has me interested. 👍