Both sides of EVE Online’s massive World War Bee 2 have agreed to a Christmas truce

Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

Mark the date of Monday, December 21st, 2020 in your calendar if you’re the sort of person following EVE Online history as Internet Spaceship Armistice Day (or perhaps some better name): Members of the corporations that have been fighting in World War Bee 2 — the war between the Goonswarm Federation and TEST Alliance that has been raging for 24 weeks now and has shattered Guinness World Records — is entering an agreed upon Christmas ceasefire.

The Reddit post features a number of messages from several corporation commanders asking that their members not set off any offensive timers on the 22nd or 23rd in the interest of giving everyone involved in the fight a holiday break. Considering fights in EVE Online can be long, drawn-out, and taxing affairs, this respite is very likely a welcome one. As the thread’s OP puts it, “Internet spaceships [have] been such a disproportionately large proportion of my life this past six months in lockdown that not having to deal with it for X days is a welcome return to normality.”

Of course, there’s always the potential for people to just outright ignore the truce, but we certainly hope that there will be a restful Armistice for those in the fight.

In other EVE news, the game has kicked out its November economic report, so perhaps those who are profiteering from World War Bee 2 can read up on the numbers. And maybe they’ll get a Christmas break, too.

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