Lost Ark KR shows off new classes, a new continent, and new raids coming in 2021


While we still don’t have any firm word on what the hell Amazon is doing with the possible western launch of MMOARPG Lost Ark, developer Smilegate continues to announce plans for new content for Korean players. Several of those announcements were made during an online event that unveiled some new classes, raids, and a continent coming next year.

Two of the game’s new classes will be arriving in early 2021: the Gunslinger, a female version of the Devil Hunter class, and the Striker, the male version of the Battle Master class. Both of these classes are due to arrive in January and March respectively. Later in the year there will be a fourth class in the Magician tree, and a sixth class tree with three new classes is being conceptualized, though only two of those classes have entered active development.

In addition to new classes, Lost Ark will be getting a total of six new raids, each themed after six different corporations. There will also be a new South Bern continent added to the game later this month, which is noted as a smaller continent but with a bigger role in the overall story. For the time being, you can get a look at the new continent and the Gunslinger in action in the video embeds below.

sources: MMO Culture, YouTube (1, 2)

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“While we still don’t have any firm word on what the hell Amazon is doing.” Hard stop there. Amazon doesn’t have any idea what it is doing with any game that it is making. They should be heckled and made fun of. They have more money than god and still can’t buy enough talent to get anything reasonable out the door. Not as a publisher and not as a developer. They are clueless.

Vanquesse V

They can and have bought plenty of talent. It’s people with no knowledge in the field of game making calling shots they shouldn’t have that’s the issue.
(that makes it worse imho, and they deserve much more heckling than they are getting)