Open PvP MMORPG Profane provides a brief look at creature behavior in a recent video


What do a guy, a dog-sized porcupine, and a crab that looks like a rock have in common? They all feature in a quick video study of in-game creature behavior in Profane, the upcoming full-loot open PvP MMORPG that we highlighted at the beginning of this year.

The video is a mere eight second-long snippet of a river porcupine curiously batting at a rock on the beach only to reveal that the rock is actually a rock crab, which then scuttles away into the ocean. According to the video blurb, this footage is meant to showcase how NPCs and creatures can interact with one another to create “a living and dynamic world.” That same blurb also elaborates on some of the traits for both creatures, noting that the river porcupine can be hunted for leather and meat or tamed to become a pack animal, while the river crab can be hunted but ultimately is “rarely worth the effort.”

For those who aren’t familiar, Profane is a free-to-play sandbox that bills itself as an “ambitious” title focused on “freedom, adventure and territorial domination.” Developer Insane has shared a wide variety of development blogs touching on things like map tech, combat, and factions, and has more recently postponed its planned end-of-year testing. As it stands right now, alpha for Profane currently has no launch window.

source: YouTube via Reddit

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