Star Citizen reschedules its Assault on Stanton server event to next year


Earlier in the week there was word from CIG that Star Citizen was ready to give its new alpha 3.12 dynamic event system a try with a multi-phase, multi-day battle against capital ships known as the Assault on Stanton. It turns out, however, that the system is not quite ready for primetime thanks to some playtesting.

“We have been holding regular invasion playtests with our Evocati Test groups on the PTU. Through these tests, we’ve come to realize that 1) the event is pretty damn fun, and 2) it could use more fixes to really polish it off. Rather than release to the live servers just for the sake of doing so before the holidays, we’d rather take a little more time and roll this out in the beginning of the new year proper.”

When asked by one of the game’s forumgoers how the devs could announce an event one day and then reel it back the next, it was further explained that the event initially looked good but then it didn’t, and so the call to delay was made. “We will always choose what’s best for the game, even if that means making the difficult decision to hold off just a little bit longer. And even if it leaves egg on our marketing department’s face. We can take our lumps,” reads the reply.

source: official forums, thanks to Eggbert for the tip!
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