The definitive 2020 Battle Bards episode guide

The best MMORPG music podcast in the world!


When you’re a total geek for something, it’s only natural to want to seek out other like-minded souls to talk about it. That’s what led us to the creation of the Battle Bards podcast back in 2013: three like-minded MMO gamers who also loved the music in those games. Since then, we’ve been delivering a show every two weeks that examine specific titles or tackle interesting themes.

This year took us through another couple of dozen episodes that are chock-full of music, laughter, and highly opinionated viewpoints. I want to publicly thank my co-hosts Steff and Syl for joining me in putting in so much time to record and produce this show. It’s a labor of love, so we hope you enjoy our music-baby!

Catch up with any episodes you may have missed in 2020 and drop the crew a line on our Twitter feed:


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