Wild Terra 2’s latest update adds a new dungeon, new territory buildings, and snow


The most recent update to Wild Terra 2 has made a new changes, as updates often do. There’s now a new Dominium building that can be placed in claimed territory, which can be used to manage said territory. There’s also a new Town Hall building that can be placed that features access to a character’s personal warehouse and resident management features, as well as the ability to be upgraded to increase resident population and storage sizes.

There’s a new high level dungeon available in the update too, promising monsters, bosses, new rewards, and new mechanics. There’s also a host of general improvements with bug fixes and other optimizations. And finally, there’s new weather in the world: snow. Because it’s kind of that time of year in the northern hemisphere of the globe. You can look at the patch notes for more details.

source: Steam

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