Astellia Online’s patch tomorrow lets you break down mounts while adding daily login rewards

Wheedle deedle

Good new to mount owners in Astellia Online – with the game’s next patch tomorrow, you can disassemble your mounts! Not your starter mount, but any other mounts you don’t want can be broken down. Normally you might assume this would involve a fair amount of blood and organs, but in this case it just gives you crafting materials to get another shot at a mount you would prefer more. Oh, and the sting of letting a mount know you didn’t want it, if that bothers you.

The patch is also adding in a new daily login reward tree, starting on the patch day and running until January 26th, with players unlocking more rewards for consistent logins as well as a daily prize. Check out the full set of patch notes ahead of the release tomorrow for more details on these changes as well as the balance adjustments and a better deck display for Astel companions.


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Yohann Fergieez



Forking it into two parallel games (astellia and astellia royale) was a weird move. It basically signalled to both playerbases, “hey, we don’t know what the heck to do here!”

James Crow

the games looks like it had a nice systems but no one know what the future hold for it and alot of people compare it to bless so i dont know