Fractured welcomes you to a free end-of-year PvP playtest


Just when you thought you’ve unwrapped all the presents you were going to get this holiday season, there’s one more tucked away in the corner there! It’s a public playtest for Fractured, which is open to everyone from December 30th through January 3rd. All you’ll have to do to access it is become a registered user over on the website.

So what’s the purpose of this playtest? In one word, PvP. “It’s all about testing PvP! The criminal system will be live — only without the bounty hunting and jail systems. Plus, most existing abilities have been changed/rebalanced. Other than stress-testing game servers, our aim here is to get as much feedback as possible on PvP balancing so we can have that in a good state by the start of the Winter Alpha!”

There’s added incentive to helping with the test, too. Dynamight Studios said that players who impress the team during the test can win a permanent alpha key and be granted 1,000 Foundation Points. So what do you have to do to impress? You can rank high in PvP, produce great game footage, come up with the most creative character build, acquire a lot of knowledge, or develop the coolest land parcel.

Source: Fractured
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