WAR’s Return of Reckoning hosts Keg’s End and more Twitch Drops


The good folks over at the Warhammer Online rogue server are working to close out the year on the best green, muscley foot possible. In a press release, the Return of Reckoning team announced that the Keg End event is raging through January 4th with all sorts of alcohol-soaked rewards.

Additionally, another round of Twitch Drops is up now and runs through January 6th. During this event, players can claim several gift boxes every day by watching or playing the game for a total of three hours a day. Viewing WAR this way also pays out a token a day to be spent on an exclusive White Stag mount (six tokens), a Goblin Bar-Back pet (three tokens), and a Dwarf Keg-Handler pet (three tokens).

So what’s coming for Return of Reckoning in 2021? “There are three things players can expect to come soon enough in 2021,” the team announced. “One of these two things are the Ranked Season 2 with a whole revamped system that includes lots of more rewards. The other is Hunters’ Vale, which is being tested as we speak. It could take some more weeks, but ‘some weeks’ is close enough and is in Q1 of 2021. The third big thing? We’ll leave it hanging with the fourth big thing that exists but we didn’t even mention.”

Source: Press release

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