ARK Survival Evolved previews new Genesis Part 2 features, announces a ‘chibi bonanza’ New Year’s mini-event


ARK: Survival Evolved has joined the cadre of MMOs and multiplayer titles that are looking back at their achievements in spite of 2020 with a lengthy retrospective post that recounts the number of updates made to the survival sandbox. Before that, however, it led off with a look at a couple of new Genesis Part 2 items: the Poglin mask inspired by the community’s adoration of the Noglin, and the Maewing, a creature that can take care of baby critters or — and I’m quoting directly here — “can steal enemy offspring by luring their young in for an irresistible suckle at its bounteous teats.”

In the meantime, ARK kicked off Winter Wonderland 5 on Thursday, December 17th, offering a number of goodies and the arrival of Raptor Claus and Gacha Claus until Tuesday, January 7th. The game has also recently announced a surprise New Year’s mini-event at midnight EST on Dec 31st and midday EST on Jan 1st, which will see fireworks rain down gifts full of skins from past events that are otherwise unavailable and a “chibi bonanza” that promises the drop rates of Rare, Very Rare, and Legendary chibis will be “dialed to over 9000.”

sources: Steam, official site (1, 2)

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The Maewing looks like a cross between a flying squirrel or sugar glider and a platypus. Also, I have no idea what offspring the luring and stealing works on – but bear in mind that everything from spiders and giant mantis warriors to dragons are breedable. Don’t think too hard about a giant preying mantis nymph going for a snack on the “bounteous teats.”

I told you not to think about it!