Black Desert extends free play for PlayStation first-timers unable to purchase the game properly

We just keep going.

On paper, the whole free play idea for Black Desert seemed like a pretty great idea. The game lets everyone play for free for a little while, hopefully enticing new players to buy the game and keep playing after the free period ended. But there’s been a problem for PlayStation players with the game’s store interface, leading to players being able to buy item packs for the game, but not the game itself as intended. So you could reach the point of making a family name and be ready to keep playing, but the game won’t let you buy it properly.

While the developers are working to fix the issue, the temporary workaround has already been found: players who unlocked their family name already will simply be able to keep logging in and playing for free for now while that issue gets patched up. You’ll still ultimately be expected to buy the game, of course, but now you won’t get kicked out early because the game won’t let you finish purchasing it normally.


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