Camelot Unchained demonstrates its Terminator-like enemy AI in new video footage


Non-player character pathfinding is one of those systems that you don’t ever notice or think about — at least, until it doesn’t work and NPCs get caught up on the environment and end up hopelessly lost from a whole room away. So it’s pretty essential to get pathfinding down right, especially if it’s part of one of the big setpieces of your game.

That’s what Camelot Unchained is demoing to you this week in a pair of short videos. Both show a player character being relentlessly pursued by a keep lord. The player tries to throw the NPC off several times by moving quickly through the environment and even jumping off ledges, but the pathfinding helps the merciless warrior find the best route to sheer murder.

Check it out:

Source: YouTube. Thanks Rndomuser!

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