Ship of Heroes presents a nightmare after Christmas with new holiday video

It's hip to be ship.

While Apotheosis City isn’t open for business — not just yet! — Ship of Heroes is nevertheless laying the groundwork for spectacular holiday events when heroes do arrive. Heroic Games released a new video this week to show off the further development of its Christmas event, turning a pristine snow field into a nightmarish battle.

In this Snow Lair raid, players will attempt to steal back presents from giant candy cane-clawed snowmen. One of the neat things that you can see in the video below is that heroes leave tracks through the snow as they run around this area.

The studio promised that 2021 is going to be an exciting year for the project: “The next newsletter is likely to be a milestone schedule for the first half of 2021, hopefully with some information about the launch date of the game. There is also a major community event in the works for early 2021, which will be focused on letting community members play instanced mission content and provide feedback.”

Source: Press release

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1 year ago

Got to say I liked several things in that video.

The snow flattening effect was fun…although the number of graffiti genitalia that will be drawn will be Greater that One.

The combat is starting to look like a good mass comic book rumble.

Captain ShineyCape was cool. Very uhm…shiny.

Thanks for the vid Casey!