Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff kicks off a Frostfall event and makes several updates in latest patch


The adorable multiplayer adventure title Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff has released what it’s calling a huge update with the arrival of update 1.2.0 this past Tuesday. The headlining feature is the arrival of Frostfall, a festive event that adds a whole new area to the game known as Snowpeak Village, new NPC’s, new quests, more new weapons and items, and the introduction of the game’s very first boss fight.

The update has made a wide swath of changes and improvements to the game overall as well, adding an expanded inventory, new UI features like an improved journal layout and an optional quest tracking HUD, several new and updated quests, over 50 new items including quest items, collectibles, and legendary weapons, cosmetic slots, and an encumbrance system among other additions. A variety of quests have also been temporarily removed, and horses have been removed temporarily as mechanics are being updated.

It’s not all entirely good news for the update, however, as the announcement post notes that the update may have made several items go missing. The devs are offering up gold for any items lost and refunding purchased bank slots with hearts as recompense.

For those who perhaps forgot about this one, Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff is a Kickstarted multiplayer RPG that entered Steam Early Access in September. The game prides itself on a sense of whimsical co-op play, with various quests to take on, monsters to fight, and locations to discover.

source: Steam

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