Ashes of Creation may sell more Alpha 1 keys after successful playtest


Last week’s short playtest for Ashes of Creation could spell good news for fans who have yet to obtain one of the MMORPG’s alpha keys. Intrepid Studios boss Steven Sharif said that the team had limited sales to make sure that the servers could handle the population, but after the playtest, there may be room to sell even more keys. He said that info on this will come in January, followed by a combat revamp in March.

“One of the main reasons for evaluating the pretests prior to opening up A1 sales again was to see the stability of the multi server selection code, and how our individual server deployments held up,” Sharif said. “That, along with our world concurrency and individual server performances did indeed hold up to our expectation, and gives me the first green light for consideration of opening future sales.”

The game’s lead said that “thousands” of Alpha 1 testers enjoyed the level 1 through 10 experience, including a special boss. If you, like us, weren’t part of this test, at least we can console ourselves with a lengthy gameplay footage video of this test.

Just last week, Intrepid gave us a deep dive of Ashes of Creation’s Mage class, including some of its spells and abilities.

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