NCSoft announces plans to release mobile MMO Blade & Soul II in 2021


It’s been rather quiet on the Blade & Soul 2 front for the most part, with the only major news coming from an NCSoft media day in 2017 that announced the mobile MMO is going to become a thing. That has changed just a wee bit as NCSoft’s Facebook page and YouTube channel decided to spring to life with news of its 2021 arrival.

The Facebook post in question simply hypes up the fact that the game is slated to release next year, while the NCSoft YouTube slapped down a new teaser trailer similarly hyping the game’s 2021 arrival with a blurb promising, “The story of Blade & Soul 2 begins in 2021.”

What’s perhaps interesting to note here is that the trailer comes from Korea but the Facebook post is from NCSoft’s western-facing account, which seems to suggest a global launch for the mobile MMO. There’s not a whole lot of hard information to go on yet, but there is that trailer below for those who are curious.

sources: Facebook and YouTube via

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Meanwhile, we can hear the creaking of the rope in the gallows for Blade and Soul desktop…


And I plan to not plan not to play P2W trash, mobile or otherwise.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

I forgot this game was announced as a mobile game forever ago and just relived that disappointment.

Krzysztof Czajka

So…. All they do now is just updating Lineage 1 and releasing new mobile games? How ambitious



…wake me up when they release it for a real machine. >.<