Skyforge runs down a history of the game’s world ahead of its February Nintendo Switch launch


Let’s assume that you’re curious about Skyforge only by the mere dint that it’s heading to the Nintendo Switch at the beginning of February but you’ve never bothered to look in to the game since its first arrival in 2015. Worry not, friend, because has offered up a little lore primer to get you up to speed.

The post itself, as one would expect out of a history lesson for the world of Aelion, isn’t precisely revelatory, but it does a good job of setting the scene for the MMO as well as explaining just why every player character is a god and why that’s okay (spoiler alert: it’s because the planet is just constantly under alien siege).

Interested players can hop in and fight for Aelion when Skyforge makes its way to the Nintendo Switch on February 4th.


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James Crow

tbh they just ruin the game update after update, i would return to help my friends on the switch but with no cross-platform\save there is no reason.

Bruno Brito

A lot of stuff on it’s first years and then a giant void?


I would have swore this was already on there.