Black Desert rings in the new year with cows, apologies, and wishes


Before you knock back that glass of bubbly and try in vain to sing “Auld Lang Syne,” you have some New Years activities to enjoy in Black Desert. Through January 2nd, a wish making event offers free goodies and special quests that have to be done in this limited time frame. Players can also enjoy pouches of fortune and increased world boss drop rates in the first few days of the new year.

If that’s not enough, the team pumped out a patch on Wednesday that added more quests to the Grána Dairy Cow Ranch. The patch also made some significant changes to how combat assistance works in PvP to reduce hardcore griefing of newer players and deny new players a way to insta-win in PvP.

In fact, the team pre-empted complaints with an extended explanation and apology for these changes: “In the end, this new feature will not allow new adventurers to outperform veteran adventurers in PvP. At the very most, it would help them strike a single blow before they died in the hands of an experienced adventure. As per the PvP balance among veteran adventures, the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired through your efforts will continue to be valued as before.”

Source: Black Desert, #2

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