Final Fantasy XIV presents the man behind the design of the game’s official websites

This one is less charming.

A lot of members of the Final Fantasy XIV team are pretty well known at this point to the game’s community, but there are people whose names have been in the credits for years that have never been known by fans. Case in point: Hiroyuki Takachi, the game’s web director and the man behind the Lodestone community site, a site which features no shortage of tools for players from its item database to its community blog feature. A new internal interview with Takachi looks into the nature of developing and maintaining the site as well as its unique pressures.

For example, one of Takachi’s major projects was the guide to job actions on the official site… which was originally meant to be a one-off project when gauges were added in Stormblood. People liked it and it was important to maintain it to keep up-to-date information, but it has to be manually updated to ensure the information is accurate, and that puts extra pressure on both him and the QA team to double-check everything. But the end result is that you can always check on the official site to find out your rotation and abilities. It’s a fascinating look at what goes into maintaining an official site with accurate and up-to-date information about the game.

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