Pokemon Go celebrates 2021 with festive Pokemon, continues the Kanto countdown with Unova region event

Please get out of my yard.

Pokemon Go is almost ready to help players ring in 2021 as well as keep up the excitement for the Kanto tour thanks to two new events coming to the augmented reality mobile title.

The New Year’s event, which kicks off promptly on December 31st, at 10:00 p.m. local time, adds festive Pokemon including Slowpokes wearing 2020 glasses, party hat-wearing Pichus, Pikachus, and Raichus, and festive Raticates, Wobbuffets, and Wurmples in one-star raids among other things. There will also be some festive avatar accessories available from the in-game shop on December 30th and a number of bonuses during the event. The celebration will last until Monday, January 4th.

As for the countdown to Kanto, Tuesday, January 5th, will introduce an Unova celebration event with improved chances at finding Unova region-specific Pokemon in the wild, exclusive Field Research tasks that reward Stardust and lead to certain critter encounters, and a variety of certain Pokemon appearing in raids. There will also be Collection Challenges, a new feature in the Today View that promises to “make Pokemon Go events all the more exciting to experience.” More details on that feature will be unveiled in January, while the Unova event will run until January 10th.

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