2020 saw lots of Fortnite coverage, retweets for FFXIV, and nearly half of global market value in mobile


If you like to look back at the year in gaming through data in infographic form, then your favorite post is here. GamesIndustry has put out its annual year in numbers roundup, offering all sorts of figures all about gaming in 2020.

Of particular note to our part of the gaming sphere, we see Fall Guys and Genshin Impact among the top five most Googled games in 2020; Fortnite receiving the most coverage with over 75,000 articles; both Minecraft and Roblox taking the first and second most watched games on YouTube respectively; and Final Fantasy XIV being the most active game in terms of Twitter engagement with over 900K retweets.

On the business side of things, we find mobile gaming made up 49% of global market value in 2020 with $86.3B, a 25% YoY increase. Console gaming took up $51.2B, and PC gaming came in third at 37.4B, both of which are increases from the same time last year. As for boxed games sales versus digital, digital sales absolutely took over with $158B versus $14.9B in box sales.

There are a lot of other metrics for you to check out, so make sure to give the infographic a peek for yourself.


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I loved how the games industry pets section included a “roomba vacuum cleaner with googly eyes”, made me chuckle.


I halped with Minecraft since I finished watching YogsCast tekkit, put on ibxtoycat now and again, and enjoy seeing what PhoenixSC, Fundy, and whoever else come up with insane data packs.

Not much on Mumbo, DanTDM, or PopularMMOs I’m afraid.


Console gaming still manages to generate more money than PC and largest YoY growth, due to its continued advantage over PC platform (ease of use and management for end users and lower susceptibility to multiplayer game cheats). Yet some extremely simple-minded MMORPG game developers continue to ignore this platform. Oh well, it’s their loss.

And for FFXIV being mentioned on Twitter more than any other game – there’s no surprise at all considering huge community of FFXIV players who like modifying their characters with Reshade and user-created mods to post screenshots using combination of #gposers and “#FFXIV/FF14/Final Fantasy 14” tags.

Vanquesse V

I wonder if we’re approaching the point where gameplay will start mattering on mobile. I play both genshin and black desert mobile a decent amount and enjoy what they have to offer, but most of their paid currency offerings are so absurdly priced that most pc f2p games would sell equivalent items or services for half or less.
And those two games I feel are in the reasonable end of the mobile monetisation scale.
So at what point will people be fed up and start asking for more?